What Are The Effects Of Massage?

One of the times where more procedures are carried out to improve the physical appearance is summer, and that is the holiday season where people usually go to places where they can show off their bodies. For this, they can be subjected to fat freezing  that can be complemented with massages, to improve the appearance of the skin and the contour of the figure.

Generally speaking of this procedure, massage is not only to stimulate a specific area of ​​the body, but its therapeutic purpose goes beyond having physical effects. A good massage can allow the person to be full of energy, to relax and tone the body. All the movements used are not concentrated in a single area; these benefits and stimulations extend around the body, so:

  • It improves blood circulation, increasing the speed and flow of the bloodstream, so the vessels through which blood passes become more flexible. Massages significantly improve complexion and help regulate body temperature.
  • It relaxes the nervous system, thanks to the fact that physical contact activates neurons and stimulates and tones the sensitive area of ​​the brain.
  • Hormones that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are stimulated.
  • With force used, the muscles gain strength and elasticity, significantly improving their oxygenation.
  • Since blood circulation is stimulated, fat deposits can decrease, achieving a smoother skin appearance and diminishing the appearance of cellulite.

For all those who are responsible for performing massages, specific techniques that will allow the person to relax must be implemented, since if the body is in this mode of relaxation the benefits can be much more noticeable and quick. A good massage requires the use of oils or creams that facilitate the movement of the hands in the person because if these types of products are not used, it can cause scratches or injuries. On the other hand, it helps that the massage is more how and fluid, so the professionals choose more for the implementation of oils to care for the skin.

At the time that the massage therapist places the oils in the body, the pores allow the ingredients of these items to be absorbed and taken to the capillaries, and these will be distributed in the body’s molecules.

The massages are based on four essential movements:

Percussion- This technique consists mainly of making small, smooth, and gentle strokes on the body, which helps stimulate the muscles. It is not necessary to apply so much force since it is about stimulating areas of the body, not hurting it. This method is ideal for those who do not exercise much because it encourages the area to be activated, although it is also implemented in relaxation and reduction treatments.

Kneading- It’s basically about using your fingers to exert some pressure on the area. With this movement, the muscles go into heat and allow fat deposits to be managed, so this movement is widely used in massages to contour the body.

Friction- It consists of rubbing with the hands the area where you want to work, making continuous movements with both hands.

It is important to know the benefits and the movements that are used in the massages so that the patient has a notion of all the benefits that these treatments include because they can definitely help to improve other aesthetic procedures. As it enhances the appearance of the skin, it is highly recommended to perform in summer times so that the person looks his body. A massage requires a specialist, just as any other kind of treatment of the body, like a Tijuana dentist