Redefining Abdominal

The high demand for surgeries, the infrastructure of clinics and hospitals, the safety of this treatments and certification of doctors, has allowed that Tummy Tuck, better known as abdominoplasty, has been popular as one of the most performed procedures in the area of cosmetic surgery, not only in Mexico, also in the entire world. Even though it’s an intervention that implies a difficult recovery, definitely is the one with the most physical changes and is notorious. Abdominoplasty, unlike liposuction, is a surgery where the surgeon removes the excess skin, fat and musculature in the abdomen, instead, liposuction only removes the excess fat using the method of suction. Women’s resort more to this strategy after having had a pregnancy.

It is important to remind that surgeries helps that the people feel more confident with his physical aspect, getting better perception of himself. With the help of the doctor and the recommendations that he provides, following the condition of the skin and the medical exams, he will do his best to satisfy the necessities of the patient. The doctor evaluated the skin laxity, diastasis/ hernia, intra-abdominal fat and excess subcutaneous fat. We have to consider that this change will be permanent only if the person follows a great diet and does exercise constantly to avoid, again, the appearance of fat in that area and also the accumulation of liquids. The doctors don’t recommend the surgery to people that have problems with the heart, if you plan to have a pregnancy in the future, diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome.

Since Tijuana is a leading city in plastic surgery and also for dentists like holistic dentist Tijuana, a lot of people around the world visit this place, some even travel exclusively to have a surgery with doctors specialized in the area; also because they have excellent prices and they use high quality materials, securing that a lot of clinics and hospitals in the city respect the requirements established by associations of health.  Remember that before everything you need to investigate the place where you want to undergo the surgery and if the doctors have a certificate that endorses their specialty; this recommendation is to avoid bad experiences where your life can be in danger. Definitely, there are many plastic surgery clinics in Tijuana that offer abdominoplasty but we recommend you to visit different hospitals to have different opinions about what you want to do, and also to evaluate the prices and what these spaces offer you because despite being a very common intervention, it requires special care.

One of the most popular clinics in Tijuana is “Beauty Enhance” that offers a lot of facial (chin implant, rhinoplasty, eye lift, tissue transfer and ears otoplasty) and body procedures (breast, liposuction, thigh lift, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty minora, butt augmentation and arm lift). Also, they have special procedures for men’s. Beauty Enhance offers services like a virtual consultation and transportation to Tijuana- San Diego; and the most important thing, the doctors who work in the clinic have specialties in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Carmina Cardena represents the Beauty Enhance team and she is considered as the Tummy Tuck Queen.

So now you know, if you want to get or recover that dreamed abdomen even after a surgery like a Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana.